Francisco Torrent-Guasp

VMB rubber model Đ




The primary goal of the VMB rubber model is to provide to the studious of the heart anatomy of Ventricular Myocardial Band of Torrent-Guasp (also known as Helical Heart) a rubber reproducction of one of Dr. Torrent-Guasp's dissection of a bovine heart.


You will be able to unroll it and see fiber directions or any other anatomical detail you are interested in.


This is the original rubber model of Dr. Torrent-Guasp Ventricular Myocardial Band that was personally made by him at the end of 1995. Now has been re-edited and is going to de commercialized by his family through their company Modelos Cardiacos SL.


In the next few days will be avaliable at this web site from 100 € (parcel cost not included).


For further information please contact or calling to (+34) 615.100.413